Are you planning to sell watches on your web shop or on a marketplace like Amazon? Then you will definitely need to read these 10 great tips on how to get the best possible photographs to present your merchandise.

When it comes to selling online, great product pictures are important, everyone know that. However, when it comes to high value fashion items such as watches, they become crucial. Here you can find 10 tips to get the best possible result when it comes to watch photography.

1. Cover Shot

You will always need to select a main photograph for each product. This photo will not only be the first picture potential customers see when they arrive on that specific product page, it is also the one that is shown in category overviews or search results. And as you need your watch to stand out from the rest, this picture needs to draw the eye.

A cover shot will do exactly this. It is a high quality product picture, which has been edited to remove minor flaws, improve the lighting & shadows, etc. You will usefully pay a bit extra at your professional photographer to create such a cover shot, but seeing the crucial role it needs to play well worth the investment!

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Cover Shot Watch Photography

2. Use A Hand Model

A nice watch is a fashion item. It is intended to reflect the personality and identity of its wearer. Hence, when shopping for one, customers will want to validate this intended benefit. Hence, you will want to make it easier for them to imagine how the watch will fit them, and this by using a professional hand model.

3. Create A Feeling

Further building on the previous point, although the ‘basic features’ of a watch are generally the same, they differ by immensely different brand & product characters. Some stand for luxury, wealth and success. Others for elegance, emotions or functionality. In order to further emphasise your specific brand character you will want to add a lifestyle photo in your watch photography gallery. By adding the right props, special lighting, or even an external environment you can fully convey what your brand & product stands for.

4. Reflections

An easy way for customers to spot high quality watches vs cheaper alternatives, is the presence of any reflections in the glass of the watch. As you can imagine, it is not an easy thing to take a photograph of a watch without any reflection. Luckily, if you contract a professional product photographer, they will know very well how to position the light, which polarization filters to use, and how to remove any final traces during editing

5. Clean Your Products

Although it sounds very straight forward, during a hectic shoot people often forget to thoroughly clean the products before shooting. As watch photography requires significant zoom-in, even the tiniest smudge will be visible in the result. Hence, make sure you work with a professional photographer who does proper product preparation.

6. Tripod

Any decent photographer will want to shoot a product from different angles. And although it might be tempting to shoot from the hand as to enable this, it is a big no no for watch photography. Even the slightest movement will be disastrous for the result. That is why a tripod should always be used.

7. What Time Is It?

The devil is in the details. When working with analogue watches you will even need to remember to set the watch a specific time to get to the best possible product photograph. A commonly accepted practice in watch photography is to set the watch at 10 minutes past 10, creating perfect symmetry.

8. Show Variations

A watch is often available in certain versions or variations. Whether it is a different strap or different background plate, you need to show these to customers. Do not just offer the option to buy a different version without clearly showing it as well. This will negatively impact your sales. Yes, you need to choose one hero product, but nothing is stopping you to add an extra photograph in the gallery.

9. Create A Gallery

As potential customers will only have photographs and some text to base their purchase decision on, provide at least 3 (but ideally 5-10) high quality shots. Also play with a combination of basic product photographs, zoom-ins on details & lifestyle shots.

10. Watch Photography By A Professional

As you have probably understood from the previous 9 tips, there are many small things that need to be taken into account when it comes to watch photography, and many things can go wrong. That is why we strongly recommend you contract a professional product photographer to ensure you get the best possible result.

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