Overview of product photography pricing in the UK


With more and more money being spent online than in brick and mortar businesses every year. Product photography has swiftly moved from being a luxury that only the top brands can afford. It has become a necessity that all businesses that trade online cannot afford to miss out on.

If you are not trading online you are at risk of becoming extinct. This is one of the key lessons that we have taken from the Covid-19 pandemic. We have started to see car manufacturers adapting to online showrooms. If you were waiting for a sign before coming aboard, this is it.

There is no standard product photography pricing in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter. To help you get a clear idea we have done some research based on specific locations in the country to give you an overview.


The first studio that is upfront about their pricing charges per shot. This means that they would take a bunch of shots of all of your products. You would only be charged for the shots that you decide to use. Once you choose and pay for them they would be transferred to you. They charge £19/shot if you are buying 1-4 shots. Their lowest package costs £4.99/shot if you are buying 200 or more shots.

The next option charges £99/hour. All of the photos that are captured within that time are yours to keep. There are some additional charges for retouching photos. They offer a turnaround time of 48 hours.

There is a guiding price of £50-200 per image from the next studio. They have an impressive resume, which is perhaps why they charge so much.

The next photographer offers a mailing in service. They charge £100+VAT per hour. You will have up to 5 products photographed in that time. A full day booking costs £625+ VAT. Up to 40 products can be photographed in that time.


Manchester starts off at a cheaper pricing range than London, as we expect. For £11.95, the first studio offers for 1x Front, 1x back, 1x angled, and 2x detail images. They all come edited within 2-3 days. There are additional charges of £1 per item for watermarking and other changes.

The next studio that we looked at offers this service at a rate of between £6-10 per image. Their prices vary depending on the complexity of the shoot. That makes it quite difficult to figure out what sort of budget one should have for a range of products. Complexity is a subjective metric.

The last option that we looked at in Manchester offers three packages. Their cheapest one is 3 hours of photography and 3 hours of post-production editing. This is priced at £285. If you wanted a full day of photography, you can get 8 hours of photography and 8 hours of post-production for £685.


Birmingham proved to be quite a challenge when trying to find pricing. Most studios do not display them. The ones that you call are not quite forthcoming with the information either. We did find one though.


They charge £100 for up to 4 hours of photographing as a base rate. Additional hours are billed at £25 an hour. They offer the option of coming to your location or the shoot. This will cost you 50p per mile. All of the photographs captured in that period are yours to keep. Post-production editing will incur an additional £1.30 per image.


The first studio that we found in the Welsh capital has charges that start from £250. This will cover the shoot and editing. All of the photos will be yours to keep. What’s even better is that they take responsibility of sourcing all of the props that you may require based on your theme.

The second option starts at  £22.50 per product. This includes two edited photos of said item. It would be an affordable way to go if you have a small catalog of products or a single product to capture.


Edinburgh seems to be more forthcoming with pricing. The first studio that we came across charges £95 for an hour as a base rate. Their largest package is £360 for 6 hours. Each of these options covers high-resolution photographs that are delivered within 48 hours of the shoot.


In the Irish capital, you can book a product photographer for an hourly rate of €75.00. If you wanted to shoot for half a day, it would cost €300.00 for 4 hours. A full day of 7 hours would cost €495.00. There are additional costs for post-production. This is charged at a rate of €25 per hour.

An alternative studio charges €120 per hour or for 10 photographs/products. This does not include their post-production charges. You will need to be very specific about the products that you are looking to capture before they can give you a quote.


You will have noticed just how varied the product photography pricing in the UK is. The constant theme is that it is cheaper to shoot for a single product than it is for various products. If you are photographing for various products it is certainly worth getting a full day package so you can get as many shots as possible.

It is easy to ignore the cost of post-production. Where possible, this should always be agreed upon prior to doing the product shots. That where neither photographer nor customer will feel cheated.

There are studios that offer a mailing in service, which may be suitable if you do not have a suitable space to film. The cost may also be reduced this way.


There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the right product photographer for your project. The first one of these is usually the budget that you have. This is where you will be able to filter out a few studios. The good thing is that there is no clear exclusive correlation between expensive studios and high quality. Other studios can deliver just as good a job, if not better in some cases. We tend to be charged for the established name that is behind the studios.

The key thing to consider is the work that this studio has done so far. A good portfolio is always the perfect indicator of the work that you will receive.